How long do braces have to be worn for orthodontic treatment?

The total treatment times with braces usually lasts from 9 months to months but with Self ligating Brackets the treatment time can be reduced even further with dependable and better results. Do Braces hurt the cheeks or tongue?

It depends on the type of braces you get them done. Old-fashioned braces will hurt many a times. However, if you have latest self ligating braces in ahmedabad, it is possible to have slight discomfort when they are first put on, and then its absolutely fine a day or two after adjustments.

What is it like to have braces on teeth for correction of irregular teeth?

Generally, braces are "okay" for teenagers. patients can imagine how beautiful the final results will be and you have friends and know other people who have really benefitted from braces.

When patients get braces, their mouth can be sore for the first week.

Also, your mouth will be sore when the braces are tightened on the orthondontist appointment. However, with advanced braces, you really shouldn't notice the them, except when the braces are being tightened or if you get hit in the mouth. Treatment can be more uncomfortable if you get braces when you are 18 or older; your teeth may also feel like they are loose in your mouth.

Can I look cool in braces treatment?

Oh yes definitely. Its just a matter of time for metal braces. With ceramic braces and invisible / clear braces at ivories dental clinic in Ahmedabad you can look even better, but at an extra cost.

Will braces cause soreness in my mouth?

When one get braces, mouth can be sore for a few days. Also, mouth could be sore when the braces are adjusted. However, with advanced braces, you really shouldn't notice them, except when the braces are tightened during orthodontist appointment.

When you first get metal braces, you could experience some soreness in your mouth. If you rinse the sores in warm, salt water, they will heal within a week or two. If your mouth is sore during the first week, you can put soft modelling wax provided by dentist in Ahmedabad at ivories dental clinic on the braces to prevent the braces from lacerating and irritating your skin.

Will I still be able to talk when I have metal braces or ceramic braces ?

Yes, standard braces in ahmedabad should not affect how your voice is perceived. In certain cases, the orthodontist in ahmedabad may need to use an appliance that could get in the way of your tongue. You could experience trouble talking clearly for a day or two, but then your tongue will adjust and you'll be able to talk absolutely fine.

Can one do anything else to reduce the pain due to braces?

Dr Alaap Shah suggests using pain relievers such as ibuprofen or aceclofenac to reduce any pain. One can also apply mucopain gel on the irritated areas.

Can I still play basketball, soccer and other sports if I have braces on my teeth?

Absolutely yes. You can play ,basketball,football, baseball,soccer. Just wear a protective mouthguard for your sports, and try to not get hit in the mouth.

Avoid those contact sports where you will get hit on the face (like fighting, playing boxing, contact karate).

Can I eat with ceramic or metal braces on my teeth?

Yes you can! You can eat most of the good things that you can eat now. The only problem is that your mouth will be a bit sore after you first get braces, so for the first 7 days or so you may only want to eat softer food. However, after that you should be able to eat normally except that you need to avoid hard,sticky food to prevent debonding of ceramic or metal braces.

How about eating a chewing gum with braces?

Chewing gums usually is not recommended. It can get caught on braces and pull them off. In addition, the sugar in the gum can get around behind the braces and cause cavities.

Is there anything else that I can't eat?

You probably should not eat hard sticky, gooey or crunchy foods. Caramel, taffy, peanut brittle can stick on your braces and pull the braces off your teeth. You also need to be careful with crunchy foods like carrots and apples and hard rolls so that you do not knock your braces off your teeth.

What happens if the braces come off?

The orthodontist in Ahmedabad at ivories dental clinic in vastapur area use one of the best adhesives. But if it get debonded by chance , it will be attached again.

What are the costs involved for braces treatment in ahmedabad?

Costs vary depending on what type of irregular teeth problem or maliagned teeth problems the patient have and on the treatment plan selected. Talk to your orthodontist in Ahmedabad Dr Alaap Shah will be able to guide you after thorough clinical check up.

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What is the reliability of Ivories dental clinic in Ahmedabad for braces treatment?

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