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Wisdom Tooth removal

Frequently asked questions(FAQ) about WISDOM TOOTH REMOVAL IN AHMEDABAD

What are wisdom teeth and why do they cause trouble?

Wisdom teeth are the upper and lower third molars , located at the very corner / back  of the mouth. They are called wisdom teeth because they come in usually when a person is between 17 & 25 years older , old enough to have gained some wisdom. Wisdom teeth that are healthy and properly grown, do not cause problems.

 Frequently, there is not enough space for normal eruption for them as by the time that they have  to come, other teeth would have occupied the space in the dental arch, which results in their growth in unusual direction like towards the cheek, horizontally towards the neighbouring tooth, towards tongue causing pressure pain. Many a times, they would have grown completely, but being corner most teeth, they are not easily cleansable leading to food collection in them and consequent dental decay / dental infection / dental pain in them.

What is their role in the mouth / dental arch?

Wisdom teeth are like accessory 15th or 16th player of a cricket team which are not of any functional help to the mouth. They may not contribute to chewing, biting, swallowing or speaking in an evident manner. It has been documented by scientific research that their removal or non-existence does not cause any loss or deficiency in the functions of mouth. Dr Shah at ivories dental clinic in ahmedabad can explain further with the help of animation videos during consultation.

What are the signs to know  that the dental pain may be because of wisdom tooth?

Here are the signals of the problem :

Dental Pain in opening the mouth

Dental Pain in the surrounding gums of wisdom tooth

Pain in the ear and headache

Dental Pain on chewing on the affected side of wisdom tooth

Swelling on the affected side of the wisdom tooth

Ulcers on the skin around wisdom tooth

Sensitivity to hot and cold in the wisdom tooth

What are the dental treatment options when  there is pain in a wisdom tooth?

Whenever there is dental pain due to decay or pressure of  wisdom tooth, it needs to be checked with a dental /  digital x-ray first. If the mouth opening is wide and decay is treatable with  a dental root canal treatment ,then the tooth may be saved. Most of the times,  removal by a minor dental surgical procedure  is preferable as a permanent solution of the problem of wisdom teeth. Medicines without any sort of  dental treatment may partially serve the purpose of treating  dental pain but only temporarily.

Wisdom tooth : is it wise to remove them ?  is their removal helpful and not harmful?

What if I don’t get it removed?

Removal is the last choice for any patient or a dentist. The mere thought of the procedure is scary for a patient. Nobody likes to go for it at the first place. As wisdom teeth are of no functional value,

 there are certain unavoidable situations where removal is completely helpful in preserving other teeth and structures and preventing further damage due to dental infection and undue pressure

Impacted / infected wisdom teeth can cause:

Dental infection of neighbouring skin-gum tissue

Dental decay in wisdom tooth with posing threat of spreading to neighbouring teeth

crowding of front teeth due to pressure on front teeth

possible spread spread of dental infection upwards to side of the face , ear and surrounding areas.

Is the wisdom tooth removal procedure painful?

Wisdom tooth removal in ahmedabad at ivories dental clinic in vastrapur area is carried out usually under local anesthesia  by making the tooth and surrounding areas numb. This will reduce the dental pain during the procedure drastically. Medicines given before and after the dental procedure will help too. They have been reviewed by patients as best painless dentist in ahmedabad on justdial.com , burrp.com and various open forum.

Do I need to take rest after the wisdom tooth removal procedure ?

Generally, the day that the  dental procedure is carried out, one needs to take a half day leave. He/ she may resume work / schedule the next day in most of the cases.

What precautions do I need to take  after the wisdom tooth removal procedure?

 First 24 hours after the dental procedure, soft and cold room temperature ( semi-solid)  food / liquids are to be consumed. No spitting / gargling is to be done for first 24 hours. Brushing is to be avoided on that part. Most importantly , ice application with a handkerchief  is to be done on the side of the face (from outside) where tooth has been removed. This will reduce the postoperative pain and swelling. Mild swelling / pain for 2-3 days may happen but is taken care of with the  medicines. One may resume normal food /other activites from the 3rd day in most of the situations.

Are there any side effects after the wisdom tooth surgery ?

There are no side effects of the procedure. It is pretty much safe and preventive in nature.

What is the wisdom tooth surgery cost in ahmedabad?

The cost of wisdom tooth surgery depends on whether its an upper 3rd molar or lower and how complex the wisdom tooth surgery is anticipated from the xray analysis. it is usually higher than the normal tooth removal of other teeth in the mouth. the instruments and medication are specialized for the painless wisdom tooth removal in ahmedabad at ivories dental clinic in vastrapur ahmedabad. hence it may be any where in between Rs. 500 to 3000 depending on the complexity of the case.


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